Saturday, January 15, 2011

I am still alive

Good morning, I am finally making my annual Blog post. I also have something to write about!

I can brag about our latest invention, it's called the AIR SOFT ZINGER 8,000. K2 and I made it out of a old CocaCola bottle, a toy air pump, a metal pipe,some Elmer's glue, and an extra pencil eraser. It is the simplest thing you ever saw.
It zings a toy Lego guy head out with enough force to zip through a sheet of paper then give a good dent in the cardboard behind it so fast you can't hardly see it.
It all started when the great ninjas, my little sister, K2, and I were locked up in jail with a pile of junk. This was my idea to escape the toy closet.
I hand drilled holes in a bottle with a pocket knife,shoved the pipe and the air pump in the holes,and presto.Unfortunately it had leaks,every one laughed at it because the Lego guy head only made it 2feet out the barrel. This problem was easily solved by sealing the around the holes with Elmer's glue. It is now so powerful I am not allowed to shoot it inside the house.
Just pop the eraser off the end of the barrel and make sure your fingers are clear of the barrel.